My system has been a work in progress for many years.


I am finally getting around to doing the finishing touches.


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I have always used  Klipsch speakers - I started with La Scala's in '79






Current equipment:



Onkyo TX-SR805 receiver

Sony BDP-S350 Blue Ray player

DirecTV SD TiVo

DirecTV HR-20-700 HD DVR

DirecTV HR-21-700 HD DVR

Adcom GCD 575 single cd player

Sony CDP CX-300 300 Disk CD Changer

AMD Athlon Computer  HTPC for BD & HDDVD playback

Streamzap Remote for HTPC

Adcom GFA 585 'Limited' amp (feeding front speakers)

Denon DP47F Turntable with Ortophon MC-20 Moving Coil Cartridge

Denon HA-1000 Moving Coil Head Amp

Home Theater Master MX-700 Remote


Front Speakers: 83 Klipsch Belle's

Side surrounds: 85 Klipsch Heresy's on 4' stands

Rear Surrounds: 85 Cornwalls on 2' stands

Center channel: Split La Scala pro

Subs: homemade dual 15"

Lighting is X-10 controlled by Computer

Power Protection: Adcom Ace 515





Last updated: 12/20/2008 07:40 PM

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